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Q. What are Thera-Cubes?

A. Thera-Cubes are scents with a purpose, designed to nurture well-being through natures scent. Thera-Cubes are toxin free, crafted with 100% pure essential oils, no added filler or binders. 

Q. What makes Thera-Cubes different than wax melts and candles?

A. Thera-Cubes are handcrafted with 100% essential oils and  menthol to create an intense, fast acting vapor that provide a cooling effect and the feeling of open airways to provide the maximum benefits from essential oils.

Q. How do you use Thera-Cubes?

A. Thera-Cubes are to be used by placing them on a heated charcoal inside of a burner pot.
Or they may be used with a tealight warmer. 

Q. How often should I use Thera-Cubes?

A. We recommend using Thera-Cubes at least once per day to take advantage of the essential oil benefits.

 Q. How many Thera-Cubes can I burn at once?

A. If using a burner pot, place 1-2 cubes every 5-10 minutes until desired intensity is reached. 
    If using a tealight warmer, pour desired amount into bowl.

 Q. How long does the aroma last ?

A. Depends on the space and how many cubes were burned.


Q. How much burn time will I get by using the tealight?

A. Approximately 1oz of cubes will burn for 11-12 hours (not the candle)


Q. How long does 1 charcoal last?

A. One charcoal will last approximately 45 minutes


Q. Where can I get more charcoal?

A. We sell charcoal in a quantity of 1,3, or 5. Or you can find quick light charcoal at your local hookah/smoke shop. They are also available on Amazon.